• Smoke Signals: Why Mezcal is The Hottest Liquor on the Market

    When you take your first sip of mezcal, the aroma hits you with notes of various herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Then, a smoky finish highlights its “low and slow” cooking method thanks to its underground roasting process.
  • What time is happy hour (during quarantine)?

      Is it Monday? Is it a weekday or a weekend? Is it 11am or 5pm? It’s all a blur when you’re in lockdown. So happy hour is really any time you want...
  • Which Alcohols Help Avoid Hangovers?

    VodkaGin, and White wine are at the top of the list for alcohols that will give you less of a hangover.
  • Can Alcohol Actually Be Healthy For You?

    The Mayo clinic suggests that alcohol provides benefits to heart health and can reduce diabetes when consumed in moderation.