About Us

About Sipsy

Sipsy set out to make alcohol delivery accessible to all. For us, this meant eliminating the high markups and delivery fees all other platforms charge. When you shop with Sipsy, the price you see on our site is the price you pay, no hidden fees or delivery fees.

Eliminating delivery fees and markups that other platforms charge means people can get alcohol delivered for the same as in-store price. Imagine never having to walk into a store, spend time trying to find what you're looking for, and wait in long lines to check out. Sipsy provides ultimate convenience for the same price as in-store purchases.

Free delivery is not a new idea, but Sipsy is really the only service that can do this because our products come from our local stores, not some third party platform. So while others charge way higher prices for alcohol and add a $5+ delivery fee, we deliver alcohol for literally the same price you find at your local store.

 And we don't skim on variety - Sipsy has over 1000 varieties of beer, wine, liquor, champagne, white claw, etc... Yup free delivery on alcohol in Los Angeles.

 And we don't skim on service either - if you ever need help finding a product or the right ingredients for your specialty cocktail, please message us using the chat app in the lower right hand corner, email us at hello@SipsyLA.com, or call/text us at (818) 308-4527. We want to make sure you get the sip that just hits the right spot.