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Drnxmyth The East Side - 1 bottle

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Refreshing, herbaceous, astoundingly-meticulous.  Fresh cucumber, fresh mint, fresh lime, sugar and a dry gin.

We blend fresh cucumbers (including the peel), and then double-strain it, and add just a little bit so you get strong vegetable notes but only notes.  Secondarily, we infuse fresh, whole-leaf mint (even slapping it a bit before batching - just like at the bar so it's fully activated).  We leave it in cold, purified water for 24 hours and it infuses it like a tea, but by not heating it the leaves don't brown.

After adding fresh lime and simple syrup, the gin botanicals bring together all the herbal and vegetal notes in an elegant spa water taste.  This is the perfect gateway-cocktail for those that don't currently like gin.
  • 16% abv
  • 2 servings

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